Corsair: High Performance, High Fashion


February 28, 2017

Corsair Components, Inc. (Corsair) is a company that specializes in high quality, high performance computer components for the home user. Initially, Corsair primarily produced power supplies, memory sticks, and cooling components – all interior ingredients hidden away behind computer cases. In 2014, the company launched its gaming line, introducing mechanical gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and graphics cards. At present, Corsair’s branding revolves heavily around a gaming identity. Unlike interior components, the gaming peripherals are super flashy. Keyboards, mice, cooling fans, cases, headsets, and even mouse pads belonging to the “RGB Family” product line all have customizable LED lighting schemes that can interact with one another via the Corsair Utility Engine. There has been a trend since the early 2000s to have computer cases with transparent panels that allow the user and others to peer into the case to ooh and ahh over the magnificence of computer innards. Corsair and other companies cashed in on this and created lighting effects for some of their internal products as well, such as memory sticks and cooling fans. Corsair’s latest branding tactic focuses on showcasing high end computer parts as designer pieces/works of art, as witnessed in this dramatic video ad for Corsair’s top memory kit, the “Dominator Platinum Special Edition,” titled, “The World’s Most Beautiful Memory:”

Who knew RAM could be so exciting? Well, at almost $400 a pop, I guess it really is quite a treasure.

“Beauty + power”

Words convey intention, and, despite the impressive visuals inherent in their product line, Corsair relies heavily on convincing copy to attract computer enthusiasts to their product line. Slogans such as, “More power. More efficiency,” demonstrate simply Corsair’s commitment to providing consumers with top quality components. Here are some of the phrases throughout the Corsair website that describe their various products: “high performance,” “extreme performance,” “legendary durability,” “unbeatable speed,” “imagine, illuminate,” and “do it with the lights on.” Each of these words helps ensure potential customers that the Corsair brand is reliable and avant garde design-wise, featuring cutting edge technology.

Set sail


Visually, the Corsair logo is a series of sails, and often will be situated next to the company name “Corsair.” Originally, “corsair” meant pirate or privateer, and the minimalist ship logo offers a feeling of excitement and exploration – one gets the feeling that this company is really going places and their products will take you on an adventure. There is also a little bit of rebelliousness inherent in the pirate connotation, which might appeal to less conventional customers – i.e., those seeking individually customized machines and want to build their own computers instead of using a company like Dell or Asus. Maybe it’s a stretch, but the gaming line does glitter and shine like a collection of brilliant pirate loot. Corsairs were also military airplanes, a point which is driven home with memory sticks and keyboards that are advertised as being crafted from “aircraft grade” aluminum. And the French Corsair International airline caters primarily to exclusive clientele seeking luxurious vacation locations. There is a feeling that wherever you need your computer to take you, Corsair will deliver you there quickly, efficiently, and in style.


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